Obey the Laws, Obey the Laws. I DO!!!

Regularly, I hear the words, “Obey the Laws!”. Implied or stated is the “I obey all the laws or at least THESE laws.” and you should also. If we were given a Truth drug, we would say or agree that all of us DISobey laws, frequently; traffic laws, social laws, religious laws. We obey what we want when we want.

So why proclaim, how Lawful we are, when, in fact we are NOT? In general, humans do not pay attention to the details of our minute by minute life process; and when we DO, we obey with bias. I began a book, recently, and the author commented he began his writings with bias and knew his readers would approach his content with biases. His goal was to mitigate the influence our biases would have as we read the material. That manner of preparing us would, hopefully, encourage us to receive his premise with more objectivity and maybe even change our thinking of the matter.

My understanding of the REASON for laws was to aid the interaction of groups of people living in the same area, in a positive manner; justice, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, fairness. But, for God’s sake, the idea of EVERYONE having the freedom to whatever they want, whenever they want, was NEVER the intention of any set of laws, in any Nation, Church or Family. The concept of everyone having their individual or group freedom, in every situation is physically, socially and religiously impossible.

Some humans enjoy the Letter of the Law rule, while others grasp and adhere to the Spirit of the Law. Law Enforcement officers,  I know, are instructed and encouraged to apply Laws with Justice and the Idea of the Law; In dangerous and emergency situations, officers can always act with the Letter of the Law discipline.

Social media (FB, twitter, Talk Shows, News Shows) are ratings hogs for those wanting to announce their views of right and wrong, with little concern for actual knowledge of the subject matter or related data. Live shows, with Hosts and Guests attempt more accuracy for the sake of their program reputation; but even the best are biased toward network philosophy and ratings.

I am Native born American citizen, Texas Southerner, White Male, Christian Pentecostal, 60+ years old. These titles may give you some idea of the views and biases I have and how I may apply them. As I age, I learn, and realize what rules or laws to apply, obey or reject. If I am selfish, self-centered, or/and dysfunctional, my reaction to and obedience of various rules, laws and ordinances will vary, often according to my moods.

Depending on your belief structure, you many submit to or reject laws that offend your lifestyle, while decreeing all opposition to you are wrong. My natural tendency and education is to submit to all authority that is moral, ethical or/and legal (notice, I wrote – tendency) and I admit I believe my choices are correct and righteous. I must trust the authority, responsible for enforcing the laws affecting me are moral people.

In my opinion, our government and our nation are rejecting God’s superior laws and natural laws, leading us toward destructive lifestyles. My responsibility, to God, is to submit or obey as much as possible written laws and if I rebel, then do so with minimum destruction or harm to those involved. Our nation’s history is full of rebellion against what some considered immoral, illegal, unethical or unfair rulings. Some changes were improvements, others still in question.

Have a Great Day

Gary L Ware


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