What Changes have Happened and Their Influence on Me.

First day of school, in many areas, first day of Blue Bell ice cream return, first day of my new blog attempt and all is well. These past months have included many significant changes, in areas I follow, such as; bloggers/writers I have followed, for years, stopped blogging altogether or transitioned to authoring books. The dynamics of our World tension have increased dramatically, while ruling powers have become virtually powerless.

My daughter returned to school, with great results, one son in law’s business is becoming self-sustaining, the another pastor’s a church that kept growing until they were able to purchase another larger building. All our grandchildren are excelling in school and personal skills sets.

I blogged about my thoughts, for a few years, then stopped that phase of my writing attempts, to think; even wrote a book (which is still sitting) to record my memories and certain experiences. As others, that have begun new phases of their expressive lives, I am experimenting with what skills I have to see what new or different opportunities will open, for me.

We collectively live on a globe that is able to naturally sustain all life. All life, except humans, seem to work with the natural system and the balance of nature is only unbalanced by humans. I am convinced that the basic laws set in place, at Creation, were designed to sustain and maintain all life, on Earth, when we all co-operate. I also am convinced, that we require a strong, perfect authority to override our carnal, rebellious nature. I am convinced by years of observation and life style, the only authority perfect enough to govern all life on Earth is the Jewish God Son Jesus Christ.

My opinion is exactly that, “My Opinion”, and has no authority over anyone. An elder once commented, to me, that only I have the power to make myself angry or the authority to feel threatened. His point, was anyone can state their opinions, in any emotional state they choose but how I react or feel is under my control. I am still working on that feature of my nature. I have strong convictions about my knowledge and experiences and until some data, that meets my criteria, proves what I believe to be wrong, I may voice my opinion, with the same conviction as others.

You are welcome to comment on my content, as long as you are courteous. I have often wondered WHY people would read a Facebook Post or Blog or even other comments, that offends them, and respond angrily or abusively. If a person does not agree with a topic or thought, move on.

Have a great day,

Gary L Ware


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